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Peace On Earth

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What I timely thought. With all that is going on the in the world it can be hard to imagine there being peace on the earth. But something happens around this time of the year that is so special... hope is birthed in our hearts. The holidays make us feel closer, inspire wonder, and hope for the world around us becomes tangible, as if you could almost grasp for it in the crisp winter air. Now we may never truly see peace on the earth on this side of eternity, but the one thing we can control is having peace in our hearts. We can have this peace because hope was birthed into the world over 2000 years ago, and his name is Jesus. He gave us the hope of heaven. That even if everything doesn't work out for us here on this earth, heaven is waiting for us.  And every time we choose Joy, spread Kindness, Love others we are spreading peace into the earth. Peace on "my" earth is possible through every small act of love we show.... it begins me.

13 oz Ceramic Campfire Mug - White with Black Speckles

Available in two hand lettered options - Hunter Green and Black

Front : "Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Back : "And Let It Begin With Me"


 *Machine wash approved, but as with anything hand washing can help these beauties last longer!

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